Frequently Asked Questions



The world of QA has high variation in terms. For simplicity and consistency, we have a glossary of the terms we use, and how they relate to other terms that are commonly used to describe the same parts of the process. 

How ProdPerfect Works

Can ProdPerfect work with my language/framework/system?

In short, we are framework-agnostic.

ProdPerfect’s tools are Javascript for the front end and either Chromeless or TestCafe-based based for the full end to end testing. We can integrate into any CI system, and integrate with BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

What data does ProdPerfect collect, and how do I know it’s secure?

We have an overview of our data collection and storage process here. You can see details about our data pipeline and storage process in this video.

Can ProdPerfect analyze my mobile app?

If you developed your mobile app as a web app, or with React Native, we can probably help. If it's fully native, probably not. Feel free to ask!

End to End Testing with ProdPerfect

How do I Know Your Tests Represent Full Coverage?

If users are doing something on your site, we're seeing it. We don't strive for "100%" test coverage--thousands of tests is more a burden than a help. We will achieve 65%-80% coverage of all common user behavior with a small number of tests that cover what your users want to do.

What Language & Tooling Do Your Tests Use?

Currently front-end testing is written in Javascript. We’re working on creating more default configurations. At this stage in our development it is likely that we will prioritize creating configurations for clients that sign on with us.

How Are Your Tests Deployed?

We use TestCafe to asynchronously run tests, allowing you to run the entire suite in a few minutes. We deploy your test suite and updates to it via GitHub; the test code is yours to keep and use.

Can You Deploy Tests to my CI/CD Process?

Yes. Either we support your CI/CD process or we’ll bring support online once you’re a client.

Can I Run Your Tests on My Local Machine?

Yes! And we encourage it. Because you keep the code, you can run it on your localhost machine, allowing you to test more frequently and earlier in the SDLC.

Performance Testing with ProdPerfect (Coming Soon)

How can you simulate sufficient load?

We’re using Headless Chrome on Amazon Lambda to run at very low cost per execution and can execute simultaneously at internet scale.

Do you simulate load from different regions?

Yes. We can simulate load from any AWS region that supports Amazon Lambda (currently all AWS regions). However we’d strongly advise exploring whether this is truly necessary. Typically back-end architecture doesn’t care where the traffic is coming from, unless the application is substantially different in different locations. If the difference in latency is important, you can simulate the latency without having to be geographically distributed.

My data servers cost a lot. How can I afford to copy all of that data to a test environment?

Much of the data on your servers won’t be directly relevant to an accurate load test. We can work with you to identify what parts of your current database are most helpful in order to keep costs to a minimum.

Privacy and GDPR

ProdPerfect's privacy policy is here.

Are You GDPR Compliant?

Yes. We do not collect PII by default, however there may be circumstances in which we need to do so. We are Privacy Shield certified and abide by the Privacy Shield standards for both EU-US and Swiss-US policy sets.

ProdPerfect is committed to keeping all data safe and secure, as well as remaining in compliance of GDPR in the cases in which we must be classified as a Data Processor. Our Technical and Organizational Measures are available upon request. A Data Processing Agreement is available upon request.