How ProdPerfect Works


ProdPerfect collects nonsensitive clickstream data using a lightweight, asynchronous Javascript snippet. We use that to create a statistical simulation of your traffic, which we turn into test specifications and then tests.

Data Collection

We’re collecting and storing usage data from your site in an Amazon S3 bucket, bringing our test specifications for your app up to date. This process currently requires a few days, though that timeline is decreasing.

Our Regression Tests

Our end to end (or regression) tests come from the same test specifications as load tests. They are then pushed to your development environment (a process we will work together to configure). 

Delivering and Running Tests

We deliver tests through Github; you keep the code. Tests are delivered in a full framework that runs with TestCafe. The tests can be run in your dev environment or on staging and integrate into CI. TestCafe allows you to run tests in parallel in a few minutes, and to spin up various browsers or integrate with BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

Maintaining Tests

As your application changes, we detect new or different user behavior, exploring either new features or altered features. After detection, we update the test suite with the new or modified tests and push to Github.

Will ProdPerfect Work With My Environment?

Our performance tests will work with any web application that sends web traffic to a server. This means Electron desktop apps and React mobile apps also work just fine.
Our tests are fundamentally framework-agnostic. There are a few web design oddities for which we’d need to do some customization. We can figure that out with your team. 

Where can I Learn More About the Data You Collect?