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Hands-off Quality Assurance Testing for Web Applications


Hands-Off End to End QA.

Yes, really.

ProdPerfect fully automates the development of end-to-end / regression testing for web applications. We generate tests from live user data from your site, meaning they’re always updated, cover what your users are actually doing, and are totally hands-off.


Test What Your Users are Actually Doing

Are your tests cover user behavior? Stop hoping. Get tests from live user data, so you’re testing what your users are trying to do on your page.

Get Back to Writing Features

Your dev team has better things to do than spend its time coming up with test cases and maintaining tests. Some teams are so focused on features that many tests aren’t being written, even when developers know they “should” be. Let us generate your tests for you.


Test at the Speed of Development

How fast could you deploy if you got to skip test case development? 

Your test suite is constantly updated and always ready, and runs in minutes. Finish your tests in less time than it takes to grab a coffee. Get instant feedback on code quality--no more back-and-forth for days.

Spend Less on QA

ProdPerfect handles your end-to-end testing. Put your engineer-hours into building your product.

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Get Up and Running Pronto

Onboarding and integration complete in 2 hours or less of engineer time. Install the data collector, get access to the GitHub repo with your test suite, set up your CI integration, and your tests are running!


Using App Traffic to Build Tests


ProdPerfect analyzes your app's web traffic to create aggregated flows of common user behavior. These flows are naturally test cases.

Today, ProdPerfect can help in three ways:

  1. We can deliver test cases that your team can use to expand its QA coverage
  2. We can generate test scripts and deliver them to you to run
  3. We can manage all of your end-to-end testing, running as frequently as you like

How ProdPerfect Works


ProdPerfect collects nonsensitive clickstream data using a lightweight, asynchronous Javascript snippet. We use that to create a statistical simulation of your traffic, which we turn into test specifications and then tests.

Data Collection

We’re collecting and storing usage data from your site in an Amazon S3 bucket, bringing our test specifications for your app up to date. This process currently requires a few days, though that timeline is decreasing.

Our Regression Tests

Our end to end (or regression) tests come from the same test specifications as load tests. They are then pushed to your development environment (a process we will work together to configure). 

Delivering and Running Tests

We deliver tests through Github; you keep the code. Tests are delivered in a full framework that runs with TestCafe. The tests can be run in your dev environment or on staging and integrate into CI. TestCafe allows you to run tests in parallel in a few minutes, and to spin up various browsers or integrate with BrowserStack and SauceLabs.

Maintaining Tests

As your application changes, we detect new or different user behavior, exploring either new features or altered features. After detection, we update the test suite with the new or modified tests and push to Github.

Will ProdPerfect Work With My Environment?

Our performance tests will work with any web application that sends web traffic to a server. This means Electron desktop apps and React mobile apps also work just fine.
Our tests are fundamentally framework-agnostic. There are a few web design oddities for which we’d need to do some customization. We can figure that out with your team. 

Where can I Learn More About the Data You Collect?



Web App QA Coverage Audit

How do you know you’re testing the real behavior of your app’s users?

Right now you probably don’t. And chances are your end-to-end tests are missing something.

Improve your Feature Testing Coverage

ProdPerfect’s QA Coverage Audit will help you find--and close--your coverage gaps.

By analyzing user behavior, we’ll find the common behavior flows from your users, and let you know how many of them you’re testing.


Our audit includes every user flow not being tested, so you’ll know exactly what tests you’ll need to write to maximize your coverage. The flows are written as test cases, allowing you to quickly turn them into tests.


Leadership Team


Dan Widing, Founder / CEO / Engineer

Former Director of Engineering & QA consultant; startup veteran; U. Illinois Urbana-Champaign (BS)



Erik Fogg, Founder / sales

Former operations and project consultant; startup veteran; MIT (BS/MS)



Wilson Funkhouser, Founder, Data Scientist

R&D; developer and machine learning engineer; Northwestern (BA), U Wisconsin (MS)